O'Rourke FamilyMidwest Ancestor Research specializes in family history and genealogy research in the Midwestern United States.  Based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we specialize in Minnesota Genealogy. We have experience accessing records in neighboring states:  North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. 

We make extensive use of online services, and access records held at the LDS via microfilm lending and on-site visits.Our research through online and microfilm rentals extends to other parts of the United States, Canada, Ireland, and Western Europe.

Our rates are shown on our research assistance page. We encourage you to contact us for free estimates for the following services or your other family history needs:

Family histories Full service family history research. 

Assistance with your own family history research - look ups in birth, death, marriage and other records in the Midwest.

Family history consulting - we help you start your own family history research, or help you past a roadblock. 

Please check out the options, and contact us regarding your genealogy interests and to ask for a free estimate.


Good grief, you do some outstanding work. I need to do a little more work on Jacob ----. Necheme did have a son named Jacob, but I suspect that this Jacob is a nephew from the old world.

My geneological work runs hot and cold. When I ramp it back up, I will be sure to call you with any other puzzles to decipher. You are very good at what you do.

Ed, Minnesota, July 2012

The information found by MWAR has kick started my search for a branch of the family that has been very difficult for me to obtain information on. I've found ships we have come over on and farms we have lived on, but my search for this branch of the family was going nowhere.

The information MWAR found was verifiably accurate and found within a matter of days and at a very reasonable price.

I was finally able to provide information to my Father that really sparked his interest too, so thank you MWAR for that!

Deborah, May 2010

How do you do this? I can see I should have contacted you long ago with my mystery. I'm still stunned that you found Betty's contact info plus Charles' obituary (separate e-mail) so quickly. What's in the water up there in Minneapolis, and how can I get some of it? . . . you are an absolutely amazing researcher, and I bow to your superiority! . . .I'll let you know how it goes... Lisa, New Jersey, 2009

Received your folder full of great information.You did an excellent job. . . .Many, many thanks.
Thomas, California

"Midwest Ancestor Research was very helpful!  They did a Starter Session with my mom and got her going on researching her father’s family ancestry.  It’s fun to see her ambitious search and sense of satisfaction in finding out more about the people she’s looking for.  Thank you, Mary & Sheila! "

Jean, St. Louis Park, May 2006

"Sheila and Mary did a fast and accurate job in looking for my family. They were able to find obituaries and other information that helped me pin down a mysterious ancestor. It would have taken me a great deal of time and money to travel to Minneapolis and Wisconsin to do the research myself. They were very professional and responsive. I highly recommend their service."

Diane from Las Vegas, October 2004

"Dear Sheila
"Fantastic news! We are so impressed with your results in such a short time. Well done! Well done!
Received your letter in this morning's post (and to prove it here is a photo of one very satisfied customer)
Have read every word several times. You are so right about the mobility of the family, but that was more common at the time wasn't it?
"It was great to see the licence application and the licence itself, and to hear where you think it may lead to. Interesting that Henry and Anna witnessed the ceremony but no mention of Ludvig's parents. Do you think Bertha's parents were living in Minneapolis? or could they have just been visiting? I was fascinated to see that Louis was born in Chicago! My didn't they get around. . . . I shall have no problem in recommending Midwest Ancestor Research to anyone I come across here in the North West of England."
- Michael, England

Please take a look at the records of our great-grandfather Albert B. Page, the first supervisor of St. Mary's Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota:
St. Mary's Cemetery, Minneapolis, records - 1874 - 1894


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